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This menu automatically updates every hour, on the hour to reflect available inventory. Please call the dispensary if you have any questions about a particular item.

Dry Leaf
Product Brand THC CBD Weight/Volume Price
VitalityVitality - Sativa
Blue DreamLiberty20.80%3.5g$50
DJ FloCresco17.72%1g/3.5g$20/$60
Ecto CoolerIlera19.50%1g/3.5g$19/$65
Glass SlipperTerrapin19.50%1g/3.5g$15/$45
Green CushIlera17.5%3.5g$65
Island Sweet SkunkCresco20.1%1g/3.5g$20/$60
Lemon Sweet SkunkTerrapin14.09%1g/3.5g$12/$35
White4 Schrom HazePrime Wellness18.86%1g/3.5g$20/$60
ClarityClarity - Sativa Hybrid
Blueberry CBDLiberty6.4%12.4%3.5g$45
Chunky DieselCresco21.19%1g$20
Florida Black HazePrime Wellness19.41%1g/3.5g$20/$60
Kosher TangieCresco19.7%1g$20
HarmonyHarmony - Hybrid
Chem DawgIlera16.20%3.5g$65
Cookies & CreamIlera20.6%1g/3.5g$19/$65
Golden GoatIlera18.50%1g/3.5g$19/$65
Green Love PotionIlera16.27%3.5g$65
Hogplum's HazePrime Wellness19.13%1g/3.5g$20/$60
Kunduz BPrime Wellness19.00%1g/3.5g$20/$60
Las Vegas Triangle KushIlera21.9%3.5g$65
Swamp SerumIlera6.5%8.6%1g$15
Tahoe AlienIlera12.38%1g/3.5g$15/$50
The WifeTerrapin0.8%17.5%1g/3.5g$15/$45
TranquilityTranquility - Indica Hybrid
Banana KushIlera21.50%3.5g$65
King KushLiberty16.70%3.5g$50
LA ChocolateIlera20.50%3.5g$65
Lost Coast OGIlera13.30%3.5g$50
Tahoe OGIlera17.00%3.5g$50
Tres Star HighwaymanPrime Wellness23.20%3.5g/1g$60/$20
SerenitySerenity - Indica
Big 91 #1Prime Wellness16.50%3.5g$60
GG #4Cresco26.1%3.5g$60
Jorge's DiamondsTerrapin13.1%1g/3.5g$12/$35
Keystone KushCresco23.3%1g$20
Marie LaveauPrime Wellness16.61%1g/3.5g$20/$60
Tiger's MilkIlera18.40%3.5g$65
PAX Pods
Product Brand THC CBD Weight/Volume Price
ClarityClarity - Sativa Hybrid
PAX Pod- Blue DreamLiberty78.00%0.5g$60
Raspberry CoughLiberty74.00%0.5g$60
HarmonyHarmony - Hybrid
PAX Pod- Salmon River OG #4Liberty85.00%0.5g$70
TranquilityTranquility - Indica Hybrid
PAX Pod- Chaos KushLiberty73.00%1.00%0.5g$70
PAX Pod- Gorilla Glue X StrawdogLiberty75.00%0.5g$60
SerenitySerenity - Indica
Pax Pod - Salmon River OG #3Liberty75.00%0.5g$70
Vape Cartridges
Product Brand THC CBD Weight/Volume Price
VitalityVitality - Sativa
1:1 Harlequin DisposableCresco33.79%32.27%$60
Afghan Blend + BatteryPrime Wellness69.20%$60
Alien Dutchess- CO2Cresco57.00%$60
Big 91Prime Wellness74.00%0.5g$60
Cherry CBD 1:1Prime Wellness43.80%33.90%0.5g$70
Cherry CBD 1:1 + BatteryPrime Wellness43.80%33.90%$80
Cherry WonkaCresco61.49%$50
Chocolope- LLRCresco65.20%0.5g$50
Citrus HazePrime Wellness70.80%.5g$60
Citrus Haze + BatteryPrime Wellness73.36%$70
DJ Flo- CO2Cresco62.00%1.00%0.5g$50
Durban- CO2Cresco61.90%$60
SHINE 1:1Ilera21.41%21.01%0.5g$70
Super Silver HazeStandard Farms78.28%0.5g$55
ClarityClarity - Sativa Hybrid
Casey Jones x TahoeMoxie80.54%0.5g$60
Deadhead OGIlera80.25%0.5g$60
Golden GoatIlera80.88%0.5g$60
Island Sweet SkunkCresco76.53%0.5g$50
Jack Herer 19:1Vireo73.61%3.84%0.5g$70
Lemon CookiesMoxie71.19%0.5g$60
Raspberry CoughLiberty82.00%0.5g$65
Syringe - Jack Herer CO2Standard Farms79.94%$120
Tangie CBD 6:1Vireo10.72%64.05%0.5g$70
HarmonyHarmony - Hybrid
1:1Standard Farms30.86%29.59%$60
1:1 Harlequin- CO2Cresco28.90%29.20%0.5g$50
4:1 Harle Tsu- CO2Cresco11.10%46.90%0.5g$50
AC/DC 10:1Moxie4.53%64.49%0.5g$60
AC/DC 2:1 CBDCresco21.26%43.26%0.5g$50
BREATHE 2:1Ilera34.65%17.35%0.5g$70
Cookies & CreamIlera83.88%0.5g$60
Cookies and ChemPrime Wellness70.80%0.5g$60
Cresco CookiesCresco69.49%0.5g$50
Goji OGIlera77.80%0.5g$60
Great White SharkStandard Farms68.09%0.5g$55
Green Line OG- LLRCresco66.80%0.5g$70
Kosher Tangie LLRCresco60.60%$50
Lemon GTerrapin36.39%33.63%0.5g$40
Lemon G iRest 1:1 ApplicatorTerrapin48.2%42.3%1g$60
Liberty Bell BlendLiberty79%8%0.5g$60
Lost CoastIlera61.39%$60
OG Kush 1:1Vireo41.55%41.32%0.5g$70
Pineapple Express- CO2Cresco64.68%0.5g$50
Pineapple SkunkIlera61.28%0.5g$60
Punxsy PunchCresco66.61%0.5g$50
Salmon River OG #4Liberty70.10%0.5g$45
SOOTHE 5:1Ilera41.21%8.61%0.5g$70
Starter Pack 250mg - OG Kush 1:1- GDP 6:1- Jack Herer 19:1Vireo41.55-75.35%5.02 - 41.32%0.25g/3$80
TranquilityTranquility - Indica Hybrid
Alien Blue 2:1Terrapin27.22%54.16%$40
Blueberry SkunkLiberty83.00%0.5g$65
Granddaddy PurpsVireo69.39%12.61%0.5g$70
Heaven's OGIlera79.99%0.5g$60
Sour Alien OGStandard Farms77.24%0.5g$55
Sundae DriverIlera76.33%$60
Tahoe AlienIlera83.40%$60
Tahoe OGIlera84.80%$60
SerenitySerenity - Indica
707 Headband- CO2Cresco68.50%0.5g$50
Afghan BlendPrime Wellness69.20%0.5g$60
Alien Bubba- CO2Cresco64.43%0.5g$50
Bio Jesus- CO2Cresco64.13%0.5g$50
Blue CheeseIlera58.62%$60
BlueberryStandard Farms67.67%0.5g$55
Blueberry Space Cake- LLRCresco61.40%0.5g$70
DREAM 8:1Ilera42.95%5.86%0.5g$70
GG #4Ilera62.58%0.5g$60
GG #4Standard Farms82.2%0.5g$55
HIghway CookiesPrime Wellness68.4%0.5g$60
Joliet Jake- LLRCresco64.50%0.5g$70
Katsu Bubba Kush- CO2Cresco56.30%0.5g$50
Katsu Bubba Kush- CO2Cresco74.98%0.5g$50
Keystone KushCresco73.2%0.5g$50
Keystone Kush- LLRCresco61.83%0.5g$50
Legend of 91Prime Wellness77.4%0.5g$60
Legend OG - CO2Ilera79.87%0.5g$60
Lime Sorbet- LLRCresco58.60%4.50%0.5g$70
MazarStandard Farms60.00%0.5g$55
Northern Lights #5- LLRCresco66.51%0.5g$70
Pre 98 Bubba KushStandard Farms82.03%0.5g$55
Pre 98 Bubba Kush 1:1- DisposableGTI34.40%40.70%0.3g$40
Pre 98 Bubba Kush 1:1- DisposableGTI34.40%40.70%0.5g$50
Pure Love - CO2Ilera83.80%0.5g$60
Reserva Privada- LLRCresco56.50%0.5g$70
Root Beer FloatMoxie81.00%0.5g$50
Sour Alien OG iCan ApplicatorTerrapin46.60%24.96%$50
Strawberry FieldsMoxie79.30%0.5g$50
Syringe - Pre 98 Bubba KushStandard Farms79.49%0.5g$120
Syringe- Mazar CO2Standard Farms66.14%1g$120
Syringe- OG Kush CO2Standard Farms68.59%1g$120
Virgin OGLiberty73.00%0.5g$60
Product Brand THC CBD Weight/Volume Price
VitalityVitality - Sativa
Live Resin Badder- TangieMoxie86.80%0.5g/1g$50/$95
Live Resin Sugar- Alien DutchessCresco94.4%1g$65
Live Resin Sugar- Super Lemon HazeMoxie80.30%0.38%1g$95
HarmonyHarmony - Hybrid
Live Resin Badder- Banana OGMoxie87.90%0.5g/1g$50/$95
Live Resin Badder- Goji OGMoxie92.40%$95
Live Resin Badder- SFV OGMoxie85.40%1g$95
Live Resin Badder- Sour GrapeMoxie92.30%1g$95
Live Resin Badder- Tahoe OGMoxie92.02%0.5g/1g$50/$95
Live Resin Sauce- Super Lemon OG X LarryMoxie85.80%0.5g/1g$50/$95
Live Resin Sugar- SlymerMoxie85.08%1g$95
Live Resin- Green Line OG RESERVECresco78.80%1g$80
Pull 'N Snap- Blueberry CBDLiberty24%57%0.5g/1g$35/$65
Shatter- CBD BlueberryLiberty58.00%34.00%0.5g/1g$35/$65
Shatter- Punxy Punch BHOCresco61.70%1g$70
TranquilityTranquility - Indica Hybrid
Terp Sap- Blueberry SkunkLiberty14.00%41.00%0.5g$35
SerenitySerenity - Indica
Keystone KushCresco68.34%1g$65
Lime Sorbet SugarCresco76.4%1g$80
Live Resin Badder- Strawberry FieldsMoxie91.90%$95
Live Resin Badder- Viper CookiesMoxie86.89%0.5g/1g$50/$95
Live Resin Sugar- Blueberry Space Cake RESERVECresco74.69%1g$80
Live Resin Sugar- Jesus OGMoxie85.75%0.56%1g$95
Live Resin Sugar- Joliet JakeCresco75.40%1g$80
Live Resin Sugar- Reserva Privada RESERVECresco73.89%1g$80
Capsules / Tinctures / Syringes
Product Brand THC CBD Weight/Volume Price
VitalityVitality - Sativa
Capsules- Awake Sativa Capsules- 20pkCresco5.0mg/cap$40
Capsules- Awake Sativa Capsules- 20pkCresco2.9mg/cap$40
Syringe- Clementine SauceIlera67.17%$60
Syringe- DJ Flo RSOCresco66.90%$50
Syringe- Harle Tsu 4:1 RSOCresco12.10%51.40%$50
Tincture- Awake Sativa Spray 100mgCresco2.59mg/spray$27
Tincture - iCan Max Strength 30mLTerrapinSativaHybrid35.18mg/mL$100
HarmonyHarmony - Hybrid
Capsules - 10:1 CBDStandard Farms0.91mg/cap9.22mg/cap$70
Capsules- 1:1 CBD/THC 30pkStandard Farms5mg/cap5mg/cap$70
Capsules- 1:1 THC/CBD- 10pkCresco11mg/cap10.6mg/cap$40
Capsules- 1:1 THC/CBD- 20pkCresco5.4mg/cap5.2mg/cap$35
Capsules- iCan Max Strength 20pkTerrapin61.65mg/cap$110
Capsules- iPhoric Extra Strength 2:1 CapsulesTerrapin17.2mg/cap33.7mg/cap$200
Capsules- Mazar/Blueberry/Cinderella 99- 30pkStandard Farms11.04mg/cap$70
Capsules- Renew Hybrid 20pkCresco5.5mg/cap$40
Capsules- Renew Hybrid 20pkCresco5mg/cap$40
Capsules- Renew Hybrid Capsules- 10pkCresco10mg/cap$35
Capsules- Renew Hybrid Capsules- 20pkCresco3.0mg/cap$40
Lucinda WilliamsIlera67.50%$60
Syringe- Chunky Diesel RSOCresco66.70%$50
Syringe- Pineapple SauceIlera43.00%0.64%$60
Tincture- 1:1 Balance Spray 100mgCresco2.08mg/spray2.14mg/spray$27
Tincture- 1:1 THC/CBDStandard Farms6.04mg/cap$70
Tincture- 10:1 CBD:THC 330mgStandard Farms0.94mg/0.5ml9.79mg/0.5ml$70
Tincture- CBD Blueberry 15mLLiberty6.30mg4.4mg$30
Tincture- DREAM 8:1 30mLIlera0.58%0.05%$40
Tincture- EASE 10:1 30mLIlera0.053%0.505%$40
Tincture- Mazar/Blueberry/Cinderella 99 15mLStandard Farms10.15mg/0.5mL$70
Tincture- Salmon River OG #4, Raspberry Flavored 30mLLiberty9.67mg/mL$40
Tincture- Salmon River OG#4 30mLLiberty10mg/mL$40
Tincture- SHINE 1:1 30mLIlera5mg/mL5mg/mL$40
Tincture- SOOTHE 5:1 30mLIlera0.47%0.10%$40
TranquilityTranquility - Indica Hybrid
Capsules- Chaos Kush RSOLiberty10mg/cap$60
Tincture- Boss Hogg, Peach Flavored 30mLLiberty9.85mg/mL$60
SerenitySerenity - Indica
Capsules Boss Hog RSO 5mg 30pkLiberty5mg/cap$30
Capsules- Boss Hogg RSO 2.5mg Capsules- 30pkLiberty2.5mg/cap$20
Capsules- iRest Extra StrengthTerrapin20.69mg/cap15.15mg/cap$120
Capsules- Relax Indica Capsules- 20pkCresco2.5mg/cap$40
Capsules- Relax Indica Capsules- 20pkCresco5.9mg/cap$40
Syringe - GG #4Cresco77.00%$50
Syringe- Pain Killer SauceIlera47.670.78%$60
Syringe- Tiger SauceIlera53.40%0.86%$60
Tincture- Relax Indica Spray 100mgCresco2.33mg$27
Tincture- Relax Indica Spray 100mgCresco2.33mg/spray$27
Tincture- Salmon River OG #3 30mLLiberty12.67mg/mL$40
Tincture- Salmon River OG #3, Lavender/Vanilla 30mLLiberty12.67mg/mL$40
Product Brand THC CBD Weight/Volume Price
VitalityVitality - Sativa
Awake Transdermal PatchCresco20mg/patch$20
HarmonyHarmony - Hybrid
Balance 1:1 Transdermal PatchCresco20mg6.14%5.89%$20
SerenitySerenity - Indica
Relax Transdermal PatchCresco20mg$20
Breathe SalveIlera0.25%0.13%$40
Extra Strength Pain CreamCresco99.7%$30
Devices / Accessories
Product Brand THC CBD Weight/Volume Price
2.5" (63mm) 4 Piece CNC Grinder (Green)$20
2.5" (63mm) 4 Piece CNC Grinder (Orange)$20
2.5" (63mm) 4 Piece CNC Grinder (Rasta)$20
3.5" (90mm) 4 Piece CNC Grinder (Silver)$30
Atmos Kiln RA Kit$70
Firefly 2 - Jet Black$329
G Pen - Elite$88
G Pen -Pro$60
Ilera 510 Battery$10
KandyPens Amber Rose Vaporizer- Champ Gold$140
Liberty Battery$18
Magic Flight Launch Box$140
Moxie Battery with CaseMoxie$25
O.pen Battery 2.0 - Black$20
O.pen Battery 2.0 - Gold$20
O.pen Battery 2.0 - Orange$20
O.pen Battery 2.0 - Purple$20
O.pen Battery 2.0 - Rose Gold$20
O.pen Battery 2.0 - Silver$20
O.pen Battery 2.0 - Wood Grain$20
O2 Vape Battery Gray$18
PAX 3 Basic Kit (Device Only) - Rose Gold$170
Pax 3 Basic Kit (Device Only) - Silver Matte$130
PAX 3 Basic Kit (Device Only) - Teal$170
PAX 3 Complete Kit - Black$235
PAX 3 Complete Kit -Rose Gold$235
PAX 3 Complete Kit -Silver$235
PAX 3 Complete Kit -Teal$235
PAX Era Vaporizer$30
Puffco Peak$360
Puffco Pro - 2$84
Santa Cruz Shredder - Green$70
Santa Cruz Shredder - Matte Blue$70
Storz & Bickel Crafty Vaporizer$280
Storz & Bickel Mighty Vaporizer$350
Yocan Magneto Kit - Black$20
Yocan Magneto Kit - Blue$20
Yocan Magneto Kit - Orange$20